question.png Shouldn't the copy go the other way around?

I'm a little confused about the update process for binaries. I'm using the latest svn. It looks like the included will constantly overwrite any updates I install in /usr/local/sbin because of the following:

          comment => "Ensure cfengine binaries were copied to /usr/local/sbin",
           handle => "update_files_usr_local_sbin",
            perms => u_m("755"),
        copy_from => u_cp_nobck("$(sys.workdir)/bin"),
      file_select => u_cf3_files,
     depth_search => u_recurse("1"),
           action => u_immediate;

Shouldn't the copy go the other way around? Everything else seems so well thought out I thought I'd ask here before fixing it.

Overall though, I love the new bootstrap process.

Asked by elwood


Basically it puts a copy of /var/cfengine/bin files to /usr/local/sbin, which is the expected behaviour. A reason behind this is to have all cf-* binaries available in $PATH for the convenience.

One would argue that it would be enough to have a symlinks in /usr/local/sbin pointing back to /var/cfengine/bin. Probably it would, but for the time being it's the full copy.

Answered by Mikhail Gusarov